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"Working together we harvest solar energy with grass grown on healthy soil to sustainably produce delightful food that nourishes people and strengthens our community."
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Recipes & Storage Tips


  • Raw milk storage: an overview
    Immediately after bottling, we chill the raw milk to between 33 and 36 F and keep it at this safe temperature until your pick up. Keep your milk refrigerated and it will normally keep for two to three weeks, or you can freeze it for longer storage.


Raw milk is for more than just drinking. Use the cream to make delicious ice cream or churn your own golden butter; add some cultures to make yogurt or kefir for a healthful probiotic; and for the truly adventurious: glorious cheese!

Home Pasteurization

  • Its your milk after all
    Although we feel the benefits of raw milk outweigh the risks, pasteurization is an easy process that can be completed at home. Simply heat your milk to 145 F, hold it there for 30 minutes, then rapidly cool. Store pasteurized milk in the refrigerator.
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Fight for Food Freedom

Some want to ban all access to raw milk in Indiana, though tens of thousands in our state drink it. No matter your opinion on raw milk, tell the government you support the right of all Hoosiers to choose what they eat.Click here to sign the petition.

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