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Your life. Your vote. Your choice.

Posted by Mark Grieshop on 10/5/2012 to A Word from Mark

"Everything is a choice. This is life’s greatest truth and its hardest lesson. It is a great truth because it reminds us of our power. It is a hard lesson, because it causes us to realize that we have chosen the life we are living right now. It is perhaps frightening for us to think that we have chosen to live our life exactly as it is today. Frightening because we may not like what we find when we look at our lives today. But it is also liberating, because we can now begin to choose what we will find when we look at our life in the tomorrows that lie unlived before us.

Life is choices.

You have chosen to read this article. You have chosen to believe certain ideas. You choose the people you call friends.

You choose the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the thoughts you think. You choose to be calm or restless, you choose to feel appreciative or ungrateful.

Love is a choice. Anger is a choice. Fear is a choice. Courage is a choice.

You Choose.

Everything is a choice, and our choices echo throughout our lives...and into history.

Most people never fully accept this truth. They spend their lives arguing for their weaknesses, complaining about their lot in life, or blaming other people for their weaknesses and lot in life.

We choose, and in doing so, we design our lives.

Some may say that we do not choose our circumstances. We have much more power over the circumstances of our lives than most men and women would ever admit. And even if circumstances are thrust upon us, we choose how we respond to those circumstances.

We are all endowed with free will. Perhaps we will realize that we have chosen much more than we have ever imagined.

For the day we accept that we have chosen to choose our choices is the day we cast off the shackles of victimhood and are set free to pursue the lives we were born to live." Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly.

Election Day is November 6. You are empowered to vote for people who you desire to work for us in our government, or not vote at all, which is also a choice with consequences.

People wish to shift personal responsibility to the President. To Congress. To the “entitlement” generation. These people are not the problem. They are symptoms of the problem.

A vote for personal responsibility and reducing government intervention – reducing number and scope of programs, subsidies, regulations, will help two ways: it will allow people to access and afford quality, healthy food and it will allow Pasture’s Delights to provide quality, healthy food. I could write a book explaining all the intricasies as to how so.

There is only one person who has amassed more wisdom than our Founding Fathers who prescribed the recipe for America's dream, and we will meet him when we pass from this earth. Essentially, if we choose to restrict freedom our best, most well-intentioned efforts are going to result in a flop.

Voting for people who put the principle of freedom and personal responsibility over their own personal opinions and your opinions is a vote for the kind of country that can provide the ultimate best opportunity for prosperity and happiness for all.

Do your homework on the candidates and stand on principle. United WE stand for Freedom: One for all, All for one.

Happy Voting!

Farmer Mark Grieshop
Pasture's Delights

dina Date 10/5/2012
well done!
Sharyll Garlinger Martin Date 10/5/2012
Thx for sharing your insight, Mark.
Joni Date 10/6/2012
Very well said.
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