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Legalization of raw milk sales in Indiana

Posted by Carrie Carpenter on 7/22/2012 to Farm Announcements

Right now there is a committee looking at the legal status of raw milk in Indiana. On this committee are two raw milk advocates, along with many big dairy interests and raw milk opponents. The Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) is soliciting public comment through September 1 for consideration in their raw milk report that they will be presenting to the Governor and Legislative Council on December 1, 2012, for vote in the 2013 session. It is important for raw milk supporters to let BOAH and your Indiana state representatives know specifically what you want!

Here are some talking points to consider for your letter to BOAH:

  • The animals diet. We want REAL raw milk from healthy, pastured, 100-percent grass-fed animals, NOT from a concentrated, grain-fed cow lot.
  • Transparency. We want to know the farm supplying our milk and be able to see their operations. We want to purchase our milk directly from the farmer, whether through on-farm sales or a farm delivery system to larger population centers.
  • Farm location. If raw milk from the farmer is marketed in retail (grocery) stores, it should be local and labeled with the farms contact information. We dont want our milk traveling long distances across states to get to us. We want milk from local farmers (within a few hundred miles), transported safely at the appropriate temperatures.
  • Extent of regulation. We do NOT want burdensome regulation, expensive testing requirements, severe limitations on delivery, or excessive paperwork that create barriers to small farms. We believe the personal attention on small farms produces healthier animals and better food. We want to encourage more dairy farmers, not big monopolies.
  • Freedom of choice. We believe it is a peoples right to choose what risks they take in life. The choice to drink raw milk should be made by informed consumers, not the government.
  • Why you choose raw milk. Is it milk allergies, lactose-intolerance, taste, better nutrition, humane treatment of animals, to make your own dairy products, or something else? Let your officials know.
  • Alternative raw milk information. Share these websites with your officials: (a project of,,, and

You can submit your comments online at or mail a letter to:

IN State Board of Animal Health
Attn: Raw Milk Comments
Discovery Hall, Suite 100
1202 E. 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205-2898

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