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Breast cancer IS preventable

Posted by Mark Grieshop on 10/17/2011 to REAL Food Science

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. With 1 in 8 American women eventually being diagnosed with breast cancer the disease certainly merits attention….on prevention. While predators behind the scenes, with the support “professionals” cloaked with titles and credentials, bilk the goodwill of unsuspecting Americans through the use of emotional propaganda and colorful pink decor, I wish to spread awareness of what causes the disease, how to prevent the disease, and why it is becoming more and more pervasive in our country which spends more on health care than any other country in the world.

Several years ago while absorbing information on bio-dynamic farming (aka producing REAL food) I stumbled upon some information about nutrition’s effects on breast cancer. The following remarks are from the late Charles Walters, whose brain was unbelievable at understanding and connecting the dots of the atomic level of life in soil, plants and humans, to economics, and brought it full circle to how economics and politics affects our food and health. Read on please…

A Quick Refresher: What is Cancer?
“In the cell – plant, animal, or human – there are chromosomes that carry all the information needed to direct the cell’s growth, division, and production of chemicals such as proteins. The chromosomes are composed of information-bearing genes. Radiation and many of the chemicals used in agriculture can injure the chromosomes either by altering the chemistry of a single gene so that the gene conveys improper information (called point mutation), or by actually breaking chromosomes (called deletion). The cell may be killed, or it may continue to live, sometimes reproducing the induced error. Some types of cell damage cause genetic misinformation leading to uncontrolled cellular growth – cancer.”

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
Breast cancer, as with most cancers, is largely caused by environmental factors and one’s lifestyle. So in the pursuit of “curing” cancer a good place to start is looking at what we are ingesting into our body and how we live.

“Toxicity generally locates itself in the fatty tissues. That is why so many weight reduction schemes result in the expression of cancer. As fat departs, toxins are released to perform their mischief. Obesity warehouses the inventory of toxins that “better living through chemistry” has accounted for. In a manner of speaking, one can point out that the average American carries so much toxicity that he or she, based on FDA guidelines, would be unfit for human consumption in a cannibalistic society.”

Many geneticists hold that the life, comfort and death of a human being are all programmed by the genetic package gifted the infant via its XX and/or XY chromosomes. This is not the position Richard Olree holds in Minerals for the Genetic Code. There are tumor-suppressing genes that can offset the inheritance bestowed by a cancer-prone gene. Olree has consulted an abundance of literature that says the tumor-suppressing genes often fail for want of a suitable mineral load, or because of chemical toxicities.

The “Pill” – Toxic Junk Food – Stress – Obesity: Every 13 Minutes Breast Cancer Takes the Life of an American Woman
“It can be said that we have a near pandemic of breast cancer in the United States. A precancerous condition which may or may not be genetic – sets up a series of bio-events. Unregulated by tumor-suppressing genes, these events result in every form of cancer.

The human breast is a repository for a measure of fat. That fat is a catchpan for toxicity. If the proper kind of selenium is missing from the diet, activation of the tumor suppressing genes – notably P-52 – is stalled out.

P-52 is not a fighter plane. It is the guardian of the genetic code. P-52 is the most potent tumor-suppressing gene, and it will not function in the absence of selenium. The lady who allows herself to run out of selenium is inherently a target for the expression of the cancer-producing gene. If the lactating woman is selenium deficient, she will likely have poor breast-feeding results.

“Honey, I care about you!”
When I get married I’m going to be sure my wife is provided a healthy source of bio-available Selenium so she doesn’t get breast cancer!

For every type of cancer discovered so far, we have also discovered a tumor-suppressing gene. And all tumor-suppressing genes require the right chemical activation. In sequencing these genes Richard Orlee has found that all have a high requirement for iodine. Iodine, in turn, cannot be activated without selenium. Therefore it is incumbent on people to take charge of their selenium levels. The highlight of any trip to a health food store looking for a good multi-vitamin should be reading the label. If that package does not say selenomethionine, it should be shunned the way the devil is said to shun holy water.”

You Can Obtain Bio-available Selenium From REAL Milk!
Those of you who have toured Pasture’s Delights Dairy are aware of our practice of including Selenium in the mineral mix for the dairy cows producing REAL milk. We supplement the cows with Selenium for two good reasons: One, it is important for immune function in helping cows produce milk with lower Somatic Cell Counts, a practice which aids milk quality. (Somatic cells are white blood cells that “chew” on the fatty acids in milk affecting flavor and storage quality) There are other methods which also help reduce somatic cell counts but we like Selenium because consumers of REAL milk are going to benefit from the selenium that passes through to the milk. (You are what you eat.)

Other benefits of Selenium: when expelling selenomethionine via urine it will remove lead, mercury, arsenic, all the heavy metals. Medical literature also says selenium protects against artery furring (atherosclerosis).

Breast Cancer Prevention & Therapies

Beating a dead horse…
In tests with Selenium enriched garlic or yeast, breast cancer inhibition was achieved at levels between 31% to 70%

Got REAL milk?
A study of 4,697 women: The more whole fat milk (from grass-fed cows: more Conjugated Linoleic Acid – a powerful cancer fighting fatty acid) = lower risk of Breast Cancer. Women drinking the most (Real) milk had a 60% lower risk of Breast Cancer.

Get Your Sunlight!
Two studies conclude sunlight is beneficial for humans, although some might be startled to that the benefits include combating cancer. Stanford University researchers report that women with higher sun exposure cut their risk of advanced breast cancer nearly in half. According to another team that studied 4 million people in 11 countries, the risk of developing internal cancers (not skin cancer) was lower among people living in sunny countries.

Get your Vitamin D!
I’m sorry. I’m repeating myself because we just said this. (Get your Sunlight!). 50% reduction in risk of breast cancer with plenty of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has an impact on cancer with it affecting 200 human genes, including those controlling proliferation, differentiation, angiogenesis, metastasis – also involved with cancer.

89 identified studies show Vitamin D intake reduces cancers of breast, prostate, colon, esophagus, pancreas, ovary, bladder, kidney, lung and uterus.

Dine With Iodine
Both Japan and Iceland have few breast cancer cases, and both rely on iodine from ocean plants and air for their essential protection. The reverse is true in Mexico and Thailand.

Stay off the Pill
“Chemical castration” shuts down a woman’s ovaries with carcinogenic drugs that impair a woman’s fertility, compromises her immune system, depletes her body of key minerals and vitamins and puts her on a compromised road for many years to come – including increased risk of breast cancer”.
Read more of this very informative article:

If You Get Breast Cancer
Laugh it off! (okay, easier said than done) but if you are serious about trying to win the battle against cancer you will heed this advice. Go to comedy clubs…. Spend time doing anything or with anyone that makes you laugh! There are many studies that conclude simply that happy people have higher survival rates.

Take Your Vitamins!
Breast cancer survival 67 months with vitamins (28 without vitamins).

Become a “farmer” and grow some wheat! Wheat Grass Juice helps prevent chemotherapy side effects, with no effect on the therapy. Get a cow to mow your grass and drink some raw milk. It helps with side effects of breast cancer too.

Get High!
Properties of a compound in marijuana (CBD) can slow breast cancer by preventing cells from taking destructive paths of growth. Researchers were careful to note that the levels of CBD necessary for treatment are not attainable through smoking the leaves.

Interesting TRUE story…
Man is given prescription medicine for high cholesterol. Man returns to his doctor complaining of nausea and headaches. Doctor prescribes a different medicine. Man returns again complaining of sore joints and side pains. Doctor says “huh, I guess I’ll just give you niacin.” Man returns a couple weeks later reporting to his doctor that he feels great and that his good cholesterol went up and the bad cholesterol went down. The man scratched his head wondering why the docor didn’t try the $5/month niacin treatment before the $100 / month prescription treatment.
The Mayo clinic endorses the use of niacin as a cholesterol treatment.

The point is health professionals can be like car salesman. They will be glad to sell you a costly drug when a much less expensive, effective treatment is available. The FDA is not responsible for your health. You are.

It’s More About the Money…
The pageantry surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness Month is quite impressive. However, all the pomp and circumstance is really not so much about saving lives. It’s a misleading effort to dupe Americans into giving money for a “feel good” cause.

More people make their living from the Cancer Industry than die from cancer. Annual cost of treating cancer is an estimated $150 Billion. With a cash-Cow that BIG, don’t you think there are a few people who want to protect their interest from any potential threats? Selenium, Vitamin D, CLA from raw milk are like kryptonite to the “super” duping drug companies.

Cancer is a win-win for the chemical & drug industry. Americans spend $10 billion a year contaminating the environment and our food supply with their health debilitating products. Through fund-raisers they sucker us into paying for expensive research on all sorts of chemical cures. Then when cancer strikes Americans get to pony-up again to pay for the expensive drug treatments that are really not guaranteed to work any better than alternative treatments, which are shunned in the Gospel according to the Food and Drug Administration. And people fall for this charade wrapped up in a nice pretty pink ribbon hook, line, and sinker.

Wishing you wisdom, great health and lots of happiness!

Mark Grieshop
Pasture’s Delights

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