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Act Today to End Michael Schmidt’s Hunger Strike, and Preserve Food Freedom!

Posted by Mark Grieshop on 10/22/2011 to A Word from Mark

Dear fellow Americans:

The weather is unseasonably warm and it is a great day for tailgating at football games and all manner of fall recreational activities that a health-conscious person is particularly free to enjoy. While the skies are a clear blue color, I regret to inform you of gathering storm clouds in the distance that threaten the fun and freedom of fall days and our carefree lifestyle as we know it. Please take some time today to sit quietly and absorb this important information– and then take action as well as personal steps to prepare for the deadly “storm warning” that the gathering clouds portend.

Life, Liberty and the Right to Eat

Thomas Jefferson once observed, “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

We Americans today don’t know what we’ve got because we didn’t have to fight for it. We have been the beneficiaries of efforts of men and women who believed so much in a person being born with inalienable rights that they were willing to sacrifice everything they had so that someday their children could have those rights necessary to live a life of happiness and tranquility. Is there a better example of true love for God’s children? Should we at least be vigilant to not squander what was given to us so that our children not be shackled to the despairs of tyranny?

Hunger Striker, Michael Schmidt, Fighting till Death

Michael Schmidt, an Ontario, Canada raw milk dairyman, is in day 23 of a hunger strike demonstrating his passion for preserving people’s most fundamental inalienable right, the right to choose what one eats. He is looking thin and his faculties are noticeably deteriorating.

Before you go marking Mr. Schmidt off as a quack trying to make a point in an idiotic way I highly recommend you regress from such a repugnant attitude and dig a lot deeper into who he is, the developing situation and what is at stake for you and me, then you will come to appreciate the significance of his hunger strike.

At first I didn’t quite understand the point of his hunger strike other than thinking it was an act to get government’s attention, which I surmised would not work with the people we typically elect to office these days. I was wrong about my assumption.

But Why is He Protesting This Way? Shouldn’t He Look Out for Himself?

Here’s the gist of his rationale for his hunger strike: The government of Canada has laws stipulating that distribution and consumption of raw milk is illegal, under the auspice of protecting people’s health. Raw milk, in their view, is inherently dangerous when consumed. The relevance of his hunger strike is that the government can dictate what one eats but they cannot make one eat, so what’s the point in telling people what they can or cannot eat? His hunger strike reasserts the primacy of the individual’s natural right to feed themselves, however they choose, and proves that nourishment is not a function of the state that can be mandated or revoked at will.

This is not a debate about the benefits or risks of raw milk. Do not allow the media or others to frame the argument in our heads that way. Primarily, this debate is about whether a person—you or me– has the freedom to decide for themselves what to eat– or if that authority and responsibility lies with the government.

Some citizens buy into the concept that with socialized medicine if people are supposedly getting sick from raw milk they as taxpayers don’t want to be paying for their hospitalization. While I can sympathize with their concern, can they not see the pitfalls of such a potential ploy ripe for corruption? As we are being conditioned to care only about our interests and not care about other’s health, we lose the ability to comprehend the value of a courageous political stand such as Michael Schmidt’s.

Even if laws and government programs involving heath are well intended when sold to the people and executed by current government people, what if there is a changing of the guard through the election cycle, where a rogue regime can now manipulate the laws however they wish. “No raw milk, no meat, no eggs because it is potentially bad for your health.” with the case involving Michael Schmidt, the government would have court case precedent on their side.

Keep in mind, in order to get elected it takes huge sums of money, which heavily favors the influence of concentrated sources of wealth. So theoretically it is quite possible that a few powerful, wealthy stakeholders that hold the purse can decide who gets elected simply because they have more money to manipulate the population through the media. If you are paying attention to the media involving the current GOP presidential candidate election you may be able to observe this.

I can appreciate people’s desire that we should do what we can to maintain a safe food supply, but if we think that tax dollars or lives are going to be saved when we start empowering the government to take away freedoms in the name of this “public health protection” we are sadly mistaken. Far more tax dollars and lives will be lost in a future war which will be inevitable when people realize they have been snookered and are willing to fight to regain the right to life, liberty and food.

Controlling Food Equals Controlling People

You may be asking: “Is this overstated?”, since usually people don’t discuss big things such as losing our right to eat. Let’s walk through a few scenarios that illustrate what is at stake:

First, is the state really in the business of protecting us from ourselves? If a person has the freedom to sicken or kill themselves by inhaling carcinogenic smoke, consuming too much alcohol, or simply eating too much, why then cannot a person consume raw milk? I disagree with government’s assertion all raw milk is “inherently dangerous”, but even on that argument guns and planes are inherently dangerous, yet people have the freedom to own both. Some people die as a result of hunting accidents and plane crashes, but risk is not outlawed. Just as no one is forcing people to own guns or planes, no one is forcing anyone to drink raw milk.

Second, why is controlling food a top policy priority? With all the issues facing fiscally restrained governments (-burdening debt, wars, unemployment, people’s displeasure with their governments), why is there this attention on prohibiting access to raw milk, nutritional supplements and alternative therapies under the auspices of “protecting public health”? With the government being wrong on several health related issues of the day such as: fluoride, antibiotic resistance, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) grain nutritional deficiencies, and I might add too, processed dairy, why should we entrust the government responsibility for what we eat and our health? What if they screw that up too? “Ooops. Our mistake. We didn’t think of that.” If they screw up, do you really think the government is going to be held responsible, like you or I would be if we sickened people? Who’s going to pay for the pain and suffering damages now? Without your health what do you really have???

Having freedom means having responsibility, and there is no way the government can be held responsible for our health, so that means we have to have the freedom to be responsible for our own health choices. That is what makes the freedom to choose how we nourish our bodies an inalienable right.

Why is the government concerned with what people are consuming? If they trust us to pay taxes, can’t they trust us to feed ourselves and to know enough about what foods to eat and foods to avoid? After all, we can reason if people are unhealthy or getting sick from eating a certain way we know enough to stay away from that, and vice versa if someone looks good eating a certain way, we can figure out that it is probably okay for us too. Even cows are that smart, and they don’t have laws mooing to other cows telling them arbitrarily what they can or cannot eat either! I highlight that the very reason more and more people are taking an interest in raw milk is because people see and feel the issues involving processed dairy and some see others seemingly doing quite well on raw milk. Then why would a government care so much about what people are eating?

After considering these questions and contradictions, I am led to conclude that the government interfering with access to raw milk may have nothing to do with “protecting public health,” but it may have to do with controlling the food supply. Control of the food supply equals control of the people. Interestingly, what good are our other rights, such as the right to bear arms if people don’t have the nutrition and health to fight a war? A sick, tired, weak populace is much easier to domineer. People may sneer in reply, “That can’t happen to us”. Then, I ask: why can it not happen? It has happened, and just not too long ago.

What other real reason could there be for controlling our food supply? I don’t really know though, as I’m not in control nor am I privy to the discussion content of government meetings where relevant decisions are made. However, I am not stupid and I tend to trust other good, smart people who have perspective on the issue at hand. Michael Schmidt who grew up in the aftermath of Fascist Germany, has been blessed with the wisdom to recognize what could be developing as a very ugly situation for innocent, happy-go-lucky citizens, and has the integrity, passion, and love for you and me to do something to stop it.

Wisconsin Rulings: “People do not have a fundamental right to food of their own choosing”

I realize this may sound hokey to many Americans since we are encouraged to keep our heads buried in the sand and just wave the flag proudly. If we still believe everything is just peachy and are as proud as ever of America, how can we explain what a Wisconsin judge meant in his September ruling:
- “No, Plaintiffs (people) do not have a fundamental right to consume milk from their own cow.”
- “No, Plaintiffs (people) do not have a fundamental right to produce or consume food of their own choosing.”
This judge has since resigned from the bench and is now a lawyer at a law firm representing Monsanto.

But Michael Schmidt is in Canada, and this is the USA…

The situation is becoming dire for Mr. Schmidt, symbolic of the dire situation we all could find ourselves if we allow a government to control people’s food supply. He needs us now to join the fight for OUR food rights, before it is too late!

Why should you be concerned with this case even though it is taking place in Canada? One, this is a life and death situation for a truly remarkable man. Second, this food rights war does extend across the Canadian/US border. If you’re familiar with Codex, you know what I’m talking about.

Third, he has already on many occasions and continues to make appearances in the United States advocating for our food rights here. Yes, we owe him our gratitude and support!

I met and conversed with Michael at a raw milk symposium in Madison, WI last year. Besides food rights, we talked about flying, since he too is a pilot. It was the words in his speech that blessed those of us in attendance that day. Please read below my transcription of his speech. He is very articulate and well educated with a Master’s degree in bio-dynamic agriculture and real world agriculture experience. With a breadth of history knowledge and leadership wisdom combined with his genuine love for fellow mankind, I believe he will be drinking raw milk at the same table having plenty to talk about with Thomas Jefferson in heaven someday. I trust people like Jefferson, who committed treason which is punishable by death, and Schmidt who now is on a hunger strike, because if they are willing to put their lives on the line for our inalienable rights, that has far more credibility than the many quack medical professionals who are guided by the money trail and government minions guided by their masters. However let’s win this battle for Michael Schmidt now so we can party it up with him here! I’m sure he’d be glad to bring the beer.

Time is of the essence. Michael Schmidt who is going into day 23 of his hunger strike is willing to go all the way, willing to sacrifice his own life for our right that we may choose what we eat. Surely we can sacrifice 3-4 hours to communicate with US and Canadian government officials expressing support for Michael Schmidt and food rights. Do it today.

What if we “can’t be bothered”?

Should Michael die from the hunger strike his blood will be on our hands too if we fail to act on his behalf. Yes, this is almost kind of surreal, kind of like watching the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11, but I guarantee you this is real and how we act now will have a lasting profound impact on generations to come.

This weekend I had originally planned to attend the Purdue vs. Illinois homecoming game to play the trombone in the Purdue All American Marching Alumni band. Some things are more important though. And here I sit on this beautiful fall day, wishing I were in Lafayette soaking up the game day excitement and making music on the field, writing this for you and I, everyone in Ross Ade stadium, and most importantly Michael Schmidt. Life and death matters are more important, don’t you agree?

If you’ve got kids their next extracurricular activities are not as important as their inalienable rights. Explain to them what is going on. The sooner they know, and also learn about sacrificing to preserve their rights, the better. Turn off the TV or stop whatever you are doing and let’s get real about being people who value liberty and let’s do something to help preserve it. Not only does Michael Schmidt’s life depend on it, your quality of life and the lives of our children will too – in due time. Don’t believe me? Sit still and keep reading.

As a beginning farmer I am faced with the typical challenges most farmers face. Money to get started, equipment breakdowns, animal breakouts, etc. Plus Mother Nature just loves to test a farmer’s resilience. These are givens when farming, and I am perfectly fine accepting those challenges. What I find particularly disheartening, especially after being taught in school that America is a great place because we are “free”, is seeing my own government play favorites and even work against me and others who simply wish to provide food nutrition to people who want to get it directly from us. To rub salt in the wound, while seeing the government pee in my face my fellow American’s with their heads still stuck in the sand still believe the water on their backs is rain warmed by sunshine.

What will it take to get people’s attention? How much freedom do we have to lose? Ask people to draw a line in the sand, otherwise we will not have a relative understanding of the freedoms we are losing. Even with patriots like Michael Schmidt willing to sacrifice their lives, most people still will not act. I doubt most who read this letter will act with the urgency this matter requires. We’re comfortable right now. We’ve got food, decent health and wealth. “No worries for me, no need to be concerned about tomorrow, I’ve got the World Series or my favorite shows to watch, I’ve got my kids’ performances to see. I’m plumb, dumb, and happy.”

Did 9/11 get your attention? Did 9/11 not have a profound impact on our lives? If I had explained to you before September 11, 2001 that I had a suspicious person pretending to be a pilot from another airline, riding on my airplane, would you have taken me seriously enough to look into the matter? I’ll tell the answer: No! (apathy is another topic for another day) Years later with all sorts of information that confirms and corroborates the details of this experience in August 2001 on US Airways flight 4909, I’m telling you today with 99.99% certainty, short of a DNA sample, that the suspicious passenger was Mouhammad Atta, the lead hijacker and apparent orchestrator of the 9/11 hijackings, and the one who investigators learned made an appearance at a strip club days before the massacre, bragging to strippers that he was a pilot for American Airlines. You may say “Wowwww”. Well, me too.

Yep, the supposed pilot pretending to work for American Airlines, who knew nothing about American pilots’ new pilot contract, who appeared to have a fake airline ID (which is what caught my attention right away), who couldn’t say the technical term for my position, who said he flew the 727 out of Miami, where the hijackers in fact trained in a 727 simulator, we flew from Boston to Buffalo, where about a year later an Al-Qaeda cell was discovered and busted. Oh, and he looked just like the dude in the photo shown on TV during the 9/11 aftermath coverage, which allowed me to put one and one together. BUT, before 9/11, before the call to be suspicious of our neighbors and before we were all scared of the boogey-man, even then my captain and I picked up on something not being quite right with this fella. We had no idea he was who he turned out to be. At the time we just thought he was a flaky flight attendant who connived the system so he could hitch a ride to Buffalo. (He wasn’t in uniform) We couldn’t read his handwriting on the jumpseat form either. Perhaps in hindsight it was Arabic? I now realize we erred greatly in our judgment in failing to recognize that there was no way he could be who he said he was, and we should have acted more forcefully than we did, when we had the chance. But at least we can look back and say we acted.

My captain did try to inform and query someone at American Airlines regarding our suspicious jumpseating pilot and got nowhere quickly with the employee having an “I don’t want to be bothered with this nonsense” attitude. Trust your gut – if something about the Canadian government watching Michael Schmidt die seems “not quite right” then listen to your gut and do something! You may very well be helping to prevent something much bigger than the consequences of a hunger strike gone bad or government interference with food rights. This could be much, much bigger than we know, but we don’t know, and if we are successful we probably never will know. But if we don’t act, this has the makings to make 9/11 look like a picnic in terms of the cumulative effect of government control of ½ billion people’s food rights.

“I don’t want to be bothered with this nonsense.” This is the same attitude and view out-of-touch government statists who are supposed to be public servants may have towards citizens simply wanting to exercise their inalienable right to produce and consume food of their own choosing. This “I don’t want to be bothered” attitude will be the default attitude for many fellow Americans when watching the World Series, shopping for the latest fashions, or managing their stock portfolio and preferring not to be bothered with helping a modern-day patriot defend everyone’s right to eat! You and I and those in your sphere of influence, however, can change this paradigm, choose to get involved, and change minds and hearts before it is too late!

We are taught about how awful Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were. It is one thing for an evil, crazy person to wish to control people; and that somehow it is another matter for citizens to stand by and essentially allow it to happen. Well, it just doesn’t happen. It is very insidious, but people do have a sense of what is going on. When fascist policies are being carried out, in reality there are no innocent bystanders. The government agents, police, the prosecutors, the wardens, teachers, clergy, friends, neighbors, family and all the people who stand by and watch tyranny develop and swipe its hand of destruction are no less guilty than the tyrants themselves! This reality check is what concerns me the most – what might happen to all of us, who may become soulless zombie-like executioners if we choose to ignore the warning signs or to “not be bothered” even when we can see that a civilized government’s treatment of Michael Schmidt signals ominous disregard for life and human rights.

Americans self-identify with animals, but Monsanto is designated a “Person”!

In January 2010 the United States Supreme Court granted complete personhood rights to corporations. Corporations used to be limited in the amount of money they could donate to political election campaigns. Being given personhood a corporation can now donate as much as it wishes, so in effect what used to be elections are now political auctions. Corporate campaign funds can buy media to brainwash and spread fear and smear potentially good candidates. How can we effectively fight that?

Thou who holds the purse makes the rules. Food and pharmacy are the largest industries in the world. Nowhere in the world are corporations as powerful and influential as they are in North America. Is it a coincidence that Canada and the United States also have the most restrictive laws in the world concerning people’s access to raw milk? Working hand in hand – bad food–sick people–trips to the drug store–socialist programs (slavery uh-hum, I mean tax dollars) to pay for the drugs-transfer of wealth to drug companies-control. You get the picture.

If you don’t want to have your name on this picture of America, take action. It’s not that hard to take action, as one popular case shows.

Some Americans fall over themselves to protect the rights of animals, and will in turn behave like obedient, scared animals as they watch fellow Americans get stripped of their dignity and rights using all sorts of ploys, underhanded methods and disparaging tactics. While we are being taught to identify with and even conditioned to act like scared animals, “corporations” are taking our spot as persons with inalienable rights!

Lessons from the Past
What happened in Germany and Russia was less than 100 years ago, and I’m afraid to say we haven’t learned our lesson yet.

Pastor Martin Niemöller, wrote “In Germany they first came for the Communists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me — and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

Government dictating what we can eat is a slippery slope, folks. The US “Food Safety Modernization Act” already allows the FDA, without a court order or warrant, to search and seize your computers and bank accounts if you are even suspected of using “unapproved farming methods” or “unapproved seed sources.”

Think your backyard garden is safe? Think again. And support Michael Schmidt.

Wishing you and future generations bountiful harvests for good health and prosperity,
Farmer Mark Grieshop
Pasture’s Delights
Decatur, Indiana

Take 4 EASY Patriotic Steps!
1. Learn more about Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike at The Bovine blog:
2. Email Premier (Governor) Dalton McGuinty of Ontario asking him to talk with Michael Schmidt. Dalton McGuinty’s e-mail address: [email protected]

3. Contact Canadian and US Government officials.

4. Forward this email to family and friends! Have the courage to stand for something lest we will fall for anything. That’s love, and they’ll love you for it someday.

Michael Schmidt in His Own Words
Raw milk producer Michael Schmidt of Canada was born in Germany and earned a Master’s degree in Agriculture. He moved to Canada in 1983 where he has been leading the crusade for raw milk freedom for the past 17 years. This modern day Thomas Jefferson describes what this whole raw milk controversy is about:
“Let’s open by acknowledging some sobering developments in agriculture and the food industry. I say “food industry” because those words describe quite well the nature of our current struggle.

Food is looked upon as a commodity by regulators and industry. Those who control food (Monsanto) control the people, control countries, control the world – all without the huge expense of a paid army. Food is the most important element in determining whether you enjoy health or suffer from disease. Food affects your spiritual well-being. Food influences your mental ability and can even make you crazy. Food can turn you into a liability for society. Food can turn you into a non-thinking member of society. Food can turn you into the perfect slave in a society where free-thinkers and moral consciousness could be inherently dangerous for those run this country and world.

We are at war and to those who don’t get that – we are at war over food rights. To some this may seem like a silly thing but to others there is a growing concern.

We have a new form of dictatorship. A dictatorship established with our consent. A dictatorship of regulations and laws intended to limit our individual liberties.

To be silent means consenting. To be silent means accepting the consequences of our consent. To be silent makes a mockery of those who fought on our behalf for freedom and justice. And to remain silent cannot be an option for you, for me, and for all of us.

We need to look at the historical significance of our struggle. Making comparisons between our struggle and those of the past such as the civil rights movement draws criticism from some. However going back through history today’s government and players behind the scenes have learned in fact much better than us how to use their power, and how to create the illusion of democracy. They clearly understand how to paralyze our will, our will to resist. They do understand how to create fear in our hearts. They do know that we do not present at the current time a real danger.

We need to ask ourselves why this is true. Most of us have been around during the evolution of materialism. Let’s be honest, everything comes down to money, assets, and personal security. We have developed a fake sense of comfort which offsets often the courage to question human rights abuses or the courage to question the steady increase of infringement on individual liberties. We really need to ask “does our comfort and material security weaken our willingness to maintain and protect individual liberties for the sake of all?”

Does our current state of mind prevent us from seeing that in fact in the near future we are facing an even greater danger than all the other past struggles for freedom and justice?

Many have no ability to resist out of fear of the current bureaucratic and soulless control structure. Many have less ability to think and be critical because of the lifeless food we eat. Many have no chance to be healthy because of our weakened bodies. We are in fact for the government an unlimited natural resource if you are sick because Big Brother can milk us to death.

This opens the door to a very scary scenario where soon the majority of people in any given society will be easier to be managed. That’s why those who are in power have learned much better how to control us than we have learned. “Give them bread and games” was the successful motto of the Roman Empire, which after all imploded as history taught us. Today we have all the food we can think of. We have all the entertainment we can imagine and most people are content as long as they are financially secure and physically safe.

I can tell you it is much easier to fight when you have nothing to lose. It is easier to fight when you are hungry and it is easier to fight when all you want is dignity and respect.
We have consented in silence to a food culture which will destroy years of evolution. We have consented to a society of government dependency beyond imagination.

Need I remind you, we are the ones that gave up our rights. We just need to get them back. We have consented to the loss of liberty for the sake of convenience (i.e. FDA “food safety” protection). Laws are passed with our knowledge that should raise millions of voices in protest. Laws have been debated and passed which only grant us certain freedoms instead of protecting our freedoms. Laws have been passed ignoring and ridiculing the Constitution and most of the people are consenting in silence. Our land, our food and lives are the most powerful tools we have to shape the future of our country.

Dear friends, what we are facing will not be less important than the human rights movement. What we are facing will not be less important than the Civil War and the battle to end slavery.

Be it Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and be it thousands of unnamed heroes of the past, let’s be inspired by them. Let’s have the same resolve and courage. Let’s look at the future as a responsibility we have chosen freely. Let’s be prepared to suffer. Let’s be prepared to die. Unless we are truly willing to take a stand for our children, our grandchildren, and all the generations to come we will make a mockery of those who had a dream of a just and caring society.

We are in the forefront not by default. We are in the forefront to defend the most important element of our society – the health and sanity of our body, our soul and our society.” – Michael Schmidt, address delivered in Madison, Wisconsin, April 10, 2010.

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